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Prescription Management

The Prescription Management module on the Hub provides an effective and efficient way to trace an individual’s prescriptions and dispensations. This solution ties person care not only with their treatment adherence but also anticipates refills or any other drug-related activities. This empowers healthcare providers in delivering a more holistic treatment support ecosystem.



Ability to add drug prescription and dispensation details for people on treatment

Remind individuals on treatment due for a refill through their respective unique health IDs

Generates automated task list for healthcare staff to help minimize errors

Ability to print and share drug prescription and dispensation details with individuals registered on the platform


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Empower individuals on treatment to view their drug dispensation details on Hub Health Companion App


Inform individuals about upcoming refill due-dates through SMS, IVR and In-App notifications


Enable quick and efficient digital management of drug prescriptions and dispensation


Access to real-time dashboards and reports for superior drug-inventory management

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