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We love getting involved from the very beginning, understanding the context, and helping adapt our solutions to the environment including field visits, workshops, and on-the-ground training. We can be your one-stop shop for creating and deploying an intervention; or, if preferred, we can work directly with your organization to set up the technology remotely and empower the local team through capacity building and training. Given our experience in the field we also offer tech and implementation consultancy with similar ideas. 

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Design & Implement

While a host of modules catering to the cascade of care are available, those most relevant to the intervention can be chosen to be on your customized platform. We understand the context (disease, community, culture, people, human resources etc) to design customized solutions.


Our team has experience in designing, customizing, setting up and launching digital interventions for health across different disease types and geographies. Once pilots and PoC are complete with proven results, we support all the way till the transition.


We also offer tech and implementation consultancy to build and implement digital transformation ideas given our vast experience in implementing large-scale ICT solutions across regions and contexts in digital health, digital payments, eLearning etc.

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