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Adherence Monitoring via Mobile app

Mobile Health Applications

Track vital signs, medications, and appointments. Get reminders, educational resources, and connect with healthcare professionals. Empower individuals with better health.

"Medicine schedule along with option for mentioning side effect can be added for better monitoring."
TB Citizen mobile application
TB Aarogya Sathi

TB Aarogya Sathi empowers Citizens (including TB Patients under NTEP) and to serves as a Direct interface with the healthcare system. The App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the Central TB Division, Government of India in proactively increasing awareness among the citizens and ensuring availability of free and quality assured drugs and diagnostics to all citizens in the country.

Hub Health Companion

For people undergoing treatment or citizens who are looking for health related information, the Everwell Hub Health Companion makes critical information available at your fingertips. As a module of the Everwell Hub, the Health Companion makes it easy for users registered under the Everwell Hub platform to learn about symptoms, assess their personal risk, view their treatment details and receive reminders to take medications at home.

Adherence management in Hub Health companion
Aaro Health Application

The digital companion designed to help you breathe better and live better. Our program is tailored to support respiratory health for people of all ages, whether you're a parent of a child with asthma or an adult managing your own respiratory health.

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