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Innovation & Advisory

Everwell focuses on building innovative digital solutions for public health by leveraging cutting-edge software technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, to identify health trends, develop predictive models, and improve diagnosis and treatment. Everwell collaborates with stakeholders to develop custom software applications that automate tasks, enhance data collection and analysis, and enable real-time monitoring of patient health.


We, at Everwell, believe in people-centric care and collaborate with partners to also develop mobile applications and online platforms that enable patients to access health information and connect with healthcare providers. By building these software technology solutions, Everwell works with public health organizations to transform the way healthcare services are delivered, improving patient outcomes and experiences.

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Identify user requirements

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Conduct a feasibility study

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Define system architecture

Group 12147.png

Develop system specifications

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Develop and test prototypes

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Deploy the system

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User training

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Monitor and evaluate the system

Everwell also provides technical advisory services for digital healthcare system design. Our advisory services involve offering guidance and recommendations to healthcare stakeholders on designing and implementing digital health systems.

We assist in conducting needs assessments, determining infrastructure requirements, designing user interfaces, ensuring data security and privacy, and adhering to interoperability standards and ethical considerations. Everwell's technical advisors also review and evaluate proposals, facilitate stakeholder engagement, and provide recommendations for system improvements based on user testing and performance metrics analysis.

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The goal of Everwell's services is to help healthcare organizations create innovative and effective digital health systems that improve access to quality healthcare services, enhance health outcomes, and reduce costs. Our technical advisors possess expertise in hardware and software selection, data management and analytics, and information governance. By leveraging their knowledge and experience, Everwell supports healthcare organizations in meeting the needs of both patients and providers, ultimately transforming the way healthcare services are delivered and improving the overall patient experience.

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