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Our Story

We started with an idea called ​99DOTS​, a low-cost solution to tackle the challenge of adherence to medication. Over time we have expanded to support a broad patient management ecosystem (spanning mobile, web, SMS, IVR etc.) – called the ​Everwell Hub​.

Allopathic Treatment
Everwell Values

Our Vision

A world where every person is empowered to lead a healthy life

Our Mission

Create and scale user-centric technologies that can positively impact health.

Our Technology Principles

Open Source

Digital public good and certified global good.


With any existing EMR, IMS etc. Successfully integrated modules with national EMRs in The Philippines and Uganda.

Scalable & Sustainable

User centric modular designs which are cost efficient. Read more about our principle on sustainability here 

Everwell Hub Patient Management Interface

Secure & Reliable

We understand the importance of patient privacy and data security, thus we operate in highly secure environments with options of hosting data in-country 

Got more questions for us?

Reach out to us and we’ll help you with your queries.

Meet all the impact makers!

Meet the team that creates and scales user-centric technologies that can positively impact health.

Everwell team
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