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Implementation Support

Our team has experience customizing, setting up, and launching digital interventions for health. We love getting involved from the very beginning, understanding the context, and helping adapt our solutions to the environment including field visits, workshops, and on-the-ground training. We can be your one-stop shop for creating and deploying an intervention; or, if preferred, we can work directly with your organization to set up the technology remotely and empower the local team through capacity building and training.

Scoping workshop

Everwell works with your team to understand the context, and propose appropriate solutions based on your metrics for success.

Project set up

We set up the infrastructure and platform based on the project scope

Training and launch

Whether in person or remotely, we set up master trainings for your team on the platform. We also provide a portfolio of documentation and materials for further reading.

Maintenance and scale

Through analytics dashboards, reports, and our helpdesk, Everwell supports the project through scale up. We can conduct re-trainings, modify workflows, or add functionality as the project evolves and grows.

Publication and case studies

Everwell does not own, modify, publish, or sell any data that we host without explicit consent from the partner. That being said, we are avid proponents of supporting the broader community by sharing findings, experiences, and data about tools supporting public health and are excited to work with partners to reach a broader audience.

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