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Digital Adherence Technologies

Unified digital adherence technology platform capable of supporting the use of multiple WHO-approved Digital adherence technologies (DATs). DATs are affordable technologies designed to empower patients to take their daily medication at a time and place that suits them best and digitally record each dose on the platform.

 I felt relieved when nurse Anton mentioned that I didn’t have to visit the clinic every day for him to see if I took my medicine. A visit every two weeks for drug refill was all that he asked of me. This meant I saved on transportation money. Unable to continue earning a living because of my illness, I had to budget the little amount I had saved.

Juan (27Y)

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The patient receives their medication in customized packaging. On a daily basis, patients make a toll-free call or text a code to automatically log their daily dose.

  • Synchronous VOT (S-VOT) allows patients to engage with their provider via live video conference to observe medication intake in real-time remotely.

  • Asynchronous VOT (A-VOT) allows patients to record videos of themselves ingesting each medication dose, which are automatically synced with the adherence platform to be further reviewed by the patient’s health care provider.

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Smart Pill Boxes

​The patient is provided with a specially-designed box to store their medication. Every time the patient opens the box, the embedded device sends a signal and automatically logs the daily dose.

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Integration of multiple DATs in a single user interface

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Optimized for low resource settings

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Possible to use different patient appropriate technologies

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Virtual care through medication reminders and motivational messages to patients

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Protocol based follow up

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Self reporting of adherence for patients with smartphones.

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Customizable Reports and Dashboards for policy and decision-makers

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Disease and scale agnostic

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