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The Everwell Hub is our comprehensive, integrated platform for adherence and case management designed for high-burden healthcare programs. Health care staff can log into a single portal to support the entire cascade of care from registration, diagnostics, follow up, digital payments, virtual care and engagement, and digital adherence technologies.

Treatment care management via Everwell Hub
End-to-end Solutions
Case Management

The Case Management module helps manage people throughout the lifetime of their treatment journey. The solution models disease-specific treatment stages and tracks health indicator metrics through different levels of care, collecting relevant information at every stage, and providing data for reporting and analysis.


Healthcare providers and doctors rely on a variety of diagnostic tools for effective, early detection and diagnosis of diseases. Our Diagnostics Module provides a unified workflow for providers to request test results for a suspected case, receive results from a host of compatible devices or tools, initiate treatment based on a final interpretation, view pending and received results by facility or geography, and drill down on results specifics per test per case. The Module has defined APIs to connect devices including the leading diagnostics machines and AI-based x-ray analyses.


The Prescription Management module on the Hub provides an effective and efficient way to trace an individual’s prescriptions and dispensations. This solution ties person care not only with their treatment adherence but also anticipates refills or any other drug-related activities. This empowers healthcare providers in delivering a more holistic treatment support ecosystem.

Digital Adherence Technolgies(DATs)

Our Integrated Adherence Module (IAM) integrates the world’s three main digital adherence technologies: 99DOTS, VOT, and evriMED/MERM devices. Our adherence module is a scalable system that allows providers to assign any DAT to a person, switch between DATs based on a predetermined logic, escalate reminders based on engagement, prioritize cases for follow up, and view reported engagements in a unified visual calendar.

Digital Payments

Government and programmatic schemes often allow for financial support to people undergoing treatment, or in support roles to those undergoing treatment. The Everwell Hub’s Digital Payment Module exposes workflows for authorizing payments based on the scheme logic, and integrating with payment systems to initiate payments directly to users.


The Everwell Hub is designed around simplifying data and synthesizing reports based on the intended audience. Data summaries, action prompts based on events, and prioritized task lists support field workers daily activities by highlighting priority follow up actions which can be viewed easily through the web portal or mobile application for field workers. Separately, the Hub exposes a more detailed interactive Reports module that includes visualizations and data exports based on filters for Episode status, Person demographics or Provider geography

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The Everwell Hub has been deployed globally in many different environments, customized for the programmatic setting and context of our implementing partners. To get started with the Hub, please contact us for a custom quote and start working with our world class team today!

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