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Open-Source Excellence in Healthcare Technology

Open source collaboration
The Everwell Hub was established with a steadfast commitment to open-source values, ensuring maximum transparency in its development.

Licensed under the open-source MIT License, Everwell Hub is a comprehensive, free software solution designed for healthcare practices. Our focus lies in fostering an environment of transparency, kindness, and collaboration.

Recognition as a Global Good

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Our Core Principles



Experience clarity like never before with our open, deployable source code. Say goodbye to mysterious black boxes! Our commitment to open-source ethics is reflected in our use of the MIT License, ensuring the integrity and accessibility of our source code.

Reliability and Resilience


Enjoy the freedom to self-host our code. Scale seamlessly, billions at a time, without the fear of vendor lock-in. Build on the common knowledge of experienced developers, healthcare champions and geo-skinned adaptations across the world



Tap into the power of community contributions. Customize or enhance our code with your own innovative features like drive patient outcomes, faster diagnostic detections!

Discover More about Everwell Hub

Find a wealth of information and resources which talk about the product features, configurability and visual design. Don't miss out on exploring our comprehensive content!

This versatile software suite, crafted for public use, integrates seamlessly across web and mobile platforms. It's tailored to meet the diverse needs of frontline healthcare workers, patients, and doctors. Its adaptability makes Everwell Hub a perfect fit for various healthcare environments, from remote clinics to global healthcare facilities.
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