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A low-cost digital adherence engagement tool

Video Observed Medication Adherence

VOT is a method for remotely supporting adherence to tuberculosis medications that uses mobile video communications to monitor medication ingestion by patients utilizing a smartphone or tablet.  Synchronous VOT (S-VOT) allows patients to engage in a real-time consultation with their provider via live videoconference to conduct remote DOT and/or communicate treatment concerns, adverse events, etc. Asynchronous VOT (A-VOT) allows patients to record videos of themselves ingesting each medication dose and report possible adverse events and/or treatment concerns in recorded videos, which are automatically synced via secure Wi-Fi or cellular connection with the adherence platform where they are then reviewed by the patient’s health care provider who documents each dose observed. Since date/time-stamped A-VOT videos may be recorded without a network connection and stored on the phone until a connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) is obtained, patients can choose when and where they take their medications as long as their phone connects at least periodically with a network.

Benefits of VOT

  • Provides benefits of traditional DOT (i.e., visual observation of medication ingestion) at a reduced cost and resource burden to the patient and health care system

  • Enables split-dosing and remote side-effect reporting for management of complex treatment regimens

  • Enables real-time triage and medication adherence indicators so follow-up communication between the patient and HCW can happen quickly and re-engage the patient on care.

  • Maintains a high level of interaction to help patients feel supported throughout their treatment

Please do contact us to support you in getting VOT. These can be use in conjunction with the Everwell Hub to run an adherence program in your context.

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