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Diagnostics Management

The Diagnostics module facilitates test workflow automation, enables result transmission directly from the diagnostic instrument through integration, and empowers healthcare providers to manage samples and associated information in a single user interface.



Test Report Maintenance

Supports functionalities to create test requests, register samples, and add/update test results

Notify Relevant Persons

Sends diagnostic test results directly to individuals--accessible in the Hub Health Companion App

Automated Treatment Initiation

Automatic triggering of treatment workflows based on test results


Ability to integrate with other Laboratory Information Management Systems and Diagnostic Testing Machines

Real-Time Reports and Dashboards

Enables policy makers to access facility level data in customizable, real-time dashboards


Get instant access to the test results using the Hub Health Companion App

Remove multiple data entry points by integrating various diagnostic machines

Minimize errors due to paper-based systems by updating, modifying and monitoring test reports digitally

Built-in analytics module, enables decision makers to receive real-time updates

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