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Case Management

The Case Management module helps manage people throughout the lifetime of their treatment journey. The solution models disease-specific treatment stages and tracks health indicator metrics through different levels of care, collecting relevant information at every stage, and providing data for reporting and analysis.

Case Management in Everwell Hub

Medical Conditions Currently Supported on the Platform

Tuberculosis (TB)
Latent TB Infection (LTBI)
Mental Health
Antenatal & Postnatal Care


Identity Verification

The deduplication algorithm ensures that there is only one profile for each individual based on unique values

Customizable Workflows

Configurable stages, data fields, and module integrations

User Search

Advanced search functionality using multiple parameters

Contact Tracing and Comorbidity

Allows contact tracing of individuals which is an integral part of case notifications

Reports and Dashboards

Access to notifications, enrollment trends, and patterns based on program metrics

Task Lists

Ability to create task lists for prioritizing workloads


Avoids duplicate enrollment with the help of a built-in deduplication algorithm

Ensures faster and easier access to information by searching through different parameters such as name, ID number, and more

Ensures security and confidentiality of individual’s health data by enabling user roles and permissions

Efficient reporting and analysis through real-time customizable dashboards

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