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Digital Adherence Technologies

Low-cost, low-burden technology assistance to empower self - monitoring and differentiated care

Digital adherence technologies (DATs) leverage the growing prevalence of inexpensive mobile and communications technologies to promote adherence for people taking medication regimens. Even after being correctly diagnosed and receiving medication, adherence is a critical determinant of recovery or suppression for diseases like TB, HIV, mental health, and other conditions that require long course treatment. DATs have been rolled out at scale in several countries including India and China for TB, and are increasingly becoming part of standard treatment for providing virtual care, differentiated care, and overall empowering people to take their medications independently while maintaining a tight connection with their health care providers.

Meet our

Digital Adherence Technologies



99DOTS is a low-cost digital adherence technology built into the Everwell Hub that uses inexpensive packaging (envelopes or stickers) with medication that enables people taking medication to engage with their treatment daily. Providers distribute medication with custom packaging to people taking medications. When someone dispenses a dose, they reveal a hidden number behind perforated flaps on the external envelope; in some cases, the number may be fixed on the outside of the medication blister or pill bottle. This number can be a toll-free number that can be called to register daily adherence, or a code that can be sent by SMS, USSD, or other communication channel. Calling or messaging the number is free! For those taking medication, the Everwell Hub sends reminders and alerts based on engagement, and providers can view daily reported adherence so they can provide differentiated care to those under their care.


Video-observed Therapy (VOT) is a video-based digital adherence technology integrated into the Everwell Hub that provides asynchronous DOT for people taking medication under the care of a healthcare provider.

VOT allows for virtual DOT through video recordings, centralizes and simplifies DOT record keeping, and reduces DOT program administration costs.

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The Medication Event Reminder Monitor(MERM) i.e evriMED/ MERM device is a digital pillbox that provides daily pill-taking reminders and facilitates remote monitoring of medication adherence. This system provides visual and audible reminders for both daily dosing and refills, compiles detailed dosing histories by capturing data on pillbox opening as a proxy for dose ingestion, and transmits these data to a server so that healthcare providers can remotely visualize patients’ dosing histories to support enhanced adherence counseling. The evriMED / MERM device is highly accurate, affordable, re-usable, and customizable for any drug regimen


How to deploy


Work with the Everwell team to set up your custom deployment on our SaaS offering. Set up includes a custom deployment with logins and hierarchies, communications integrations for messaging, localization of workflows and languages, and procurement of materials where required (i.e. packaging for 99DOTS or evriMED/MERM devices).


The Everwell team provides master trainings and training materials to support the launch of the project. We are deeply involved in the early stages to help ensure a successful launch, and rapidly iterate on workflows and capacity building to set up the project for success.


After a successful launch, Everwell supports the intervention as it grows. With analytics-based insights, issue resolution, and overall technical maintenance, Everwell is your partner throughout the project to ensure success.

Contact us to get the right plan/package for the right price.
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