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Digital Payment Solutions

Transforming public financial management through innovative technology, Everwell creates digital payment solutions focussed at streamlining processes, enhancing transparency, and improving efficiency.

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For Organisations

The Smart Contracts system is based on the Smart Payments framework and is used to track the activities performed by the organization and make the related payment directly to their accounts


For Facility Staff 

Direct Benefit Transfers used to make payments  to the facility staff when they perform activities related to helping patients achieve positive treatment outcomes



For beneficiaries

By way of Direct Benefit Transfers, payments are sent directly to the account of the beneficiaries throughout their treatment journey. An array of payments modes are available

Direct Benefit Transfers

The Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) module is used to disburse funds directly to the beneficiary bank accounts. The module, using a rule engine, first creates a list of eligible beneficiaries. Post this, using the integration with PFMS, the benefits are paid.

The module has flows to support validation of  beneficiary details, authorization and Digital Signatures from the relevant authorities and reconciliation to see if the funds have been successfully paid or not

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Smart Contracts

India's National Strategic Plan prioritizes collaboration with private sector stakeholders to eradicate Tuberculosis by 2025. States establish contracts with private labs/NGOs/agencies, each with predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets. Based on the achievement of these KPIs, regular financial payments are made to the NGOs. Manual monitoring of these contracts, including KPI verification and payment processing, often leads to delays and human errors.

The Smart Contract Module exposes workflows for managing a contract, the achievement of different milestones and rule based invoice payments to improve transparency in the process.

Integration with PFMS (Public Financial Management System)

The software services are designed to transfer subsidies and financial aid directly to the beneficiaries' bank accounts, thereby reducing leakages, ensuring transparency, and improving the efficiency of government welfare programs.

Case Study: The Nikshay DBT scheme is specifically aimed at tuberculosis (TB) patients under the National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP), providing financial assistance for nutritional support and other needs.

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Salient Features

Exceptional Quality

Customizable design 

Cloud based storage of rules and supporting evidence

Multilingual Functionality

Reduces time to disperse funds

Multiple Beneficiary Validation mechanisms 

Dashboards and Visualizations for stakeholders

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