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Our mission is to support patients, providers, and programs working on critical health challenges

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Everwell Hub

All-in-one platform to support adherence and the digital cascade of care

The Everwell Hub is our comprehensive, integrated, open source platform for adherence and patient management. Health care staff can log into a single portal to register and follow up with patients, whose adherence reports from any of our integrated technologies appear side-by-side including 99DOTS, evriMED devices, and VOT.

The Hub is deployed as a tool for adherence management in ten other countries spanning three continents, as the only open source fully integrated adherence platform available.

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99DOTS is a low-cost engagement tool using basic mobile phones and augmented packaging for patients taking anti-Tuberculosis medication. Each day, patients send a free call to a number revealed after dispensing their medication. Based on their adherence, 99DOTS enables differential treatment and personalized care through alerts, reminders, and messaging.

99DOTS has been deployed alongside the public and private sector TB program in India since 2015 - 99DOTS is projected to reach 250,000 patients from 8 countries in 2020.

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