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The Everwell Hub - Under the Hood

Our technology philosophy, architecture, and stack

By: Soumabha Ray Chaudhuri, VP of Engineering

Technologists who imagine a better world

Everwell is a mission-driven technology start-up that builds innovations and platforms for health. Alongside our passion for healthcare and enabling the best care for people all over the world is our passion for excellence in engineering, elegant but simple solutions, and embracing modern engineering approaches and frameworks to realize our mission.

Founded by computer scientists, engineers, and researchers, technology is in our blood. As a part of the technical management, the job is to ensure the tools, platforms, and features we build are designed well and built using the highest standard of coding and engineering practices. Armed with a battle tested hindsight, everything we code is used every day by patients and providers globally to manage their care, and ultimately lead healthier lives. What gets us up in the morning is the fact that every line we code, build and release immediately impacts over 400,000 healthcare workers and 12 million person records globally.

What is the Everwell Hub?

The Everwell Hub is our comprehensive, integrated platform for adherence and case management designed for high-burden healthcare programs. Health care staff can log into a single portal to support the entire cascade of care from registration, diagnostics, follow up, digital payments, virtual care and engagement, and digital adherence technologies. Everything we build is open source.

What is our design architecture?

The Hub frontend is built atop smaller, more manageable apps that are hosted on the server side and rendered through a configuration-driven engine. This design increases the effectiveness and efficiency of our teams working on frontend code and helps in reuse and deployment across different environments. The code and the stack is as non fancy as possible to help the apps be simple yet powerful.

The backend business logic is governed by specialised, small microservices encased in a rule-based engine to give flexible customization across different diseases and configuration across deployment environments. Each microservice has its own environment and can operate independently, with its own test suites and design specifications; however, the beauty of the Hub is when the individual pieces are put together for a specific deployment. For example, we have separate microservices to govern Diagnostics, Person / Episodes, and Adherence. When you put them together, you get the basic building blocks for a person’s journey where a positive diagnostic result leads to the creation of a person entity, and that person can then be supported throughout treatment through adherence strengthening outreach. This segmentation of microservices helps break down the work units for different teams to own, yet still maintain a single responsibility and cohesion across the platform.

The Everwell Hub can be hosted in industry-standard international cloud hosting solutions (like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or others), or it can also be hosted in on-premise data storage services. The Hub supports most of the common RDBMS frameworks, and document and key-value based storage paradigms. To manage our deployment pipelines in different environments, including locally-hosted scenarios that can vary depending on the environment, we have a robust CI/CD pipeline including automated test suites and publish scripts, as well as Kubernetes clusters for portability across hosting environments.

Given the complexity of running and evaluating the entire design, our automation pipeline employs a variety of testing principles to test across devices with the help of cloud based and locally setup testing environments. The approach helps achieve a high throughput and the ability of running a variety of different testing workloads as may be used around the world.

What is our tech stack?

We use a variety of modern frameworks and tools to power the Everwell Hub, leveraging javascript libraries like Vue.js in the frontend and primarily Java and Python in the backend. From software development to automated test suites, analytics and error tracking, we are an agile organization that relies on open source where possible, but most importantly, we find the best tool for the job. As end to end engineers, the ownership of the technical stack is spread across the team exercising and benefiting from a collective skillset. Working at Everwell means getting experience and mentorship working across a diverse and ever-growing technology stack.

Career opportunities in our engineering team

If you’re looking for an exciting place to work that values excellence in engineering, design-first approaches, a fast-paced development environment that also offers mentorship and opportunities at every turn to learn new things, Everwell is the place for you! You can find links to open positions on our careers page, or you can write to with your CV and intended role to find out more.

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