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Nikshay - Largest ICT platform

Ni-kshay is Government of India's national TB case management platform and is being managed by Everwell Health Solutions. It is the only public health ICT system globally catering to all three key stakeholders – beneficiaries, staff, policy makers at massive scale managing >25% of the world’s TB burden. It supports the full digitization of the cascade of care, and is used by every healthcare worker across the country for activities spanning case management, diagnostics, adherence, direct benefit payments (social security payments), treatment outcomes, test results, and follow up.

Overall, Ni-kshay ecosystem includes

  • Ni-kshay staff web application

  • Ni-kshay staff mobile application

  • TB Aarogya Sathi mobile application for citizens and patients

  • Ni-kshay reports & data collection forms.

  • Ni-kshay dashboards

  • Ni-kshay Analytics

Ni-kshay is used by health functionaries at various levels across the country both in the public and private sector. It also functions as the National TB Surveillance System and enables reporting of various surveillance data to the Government of India.

Feature Overview

  • Enables end to end management of patients, starting from symptomatic to long term post treatment follow up

  • Case management functions such as transfer and system assisted deduplication helps in improved tracking, record keeping and more intuitive case management

  • Ni-kshay is integrated with other applications for functions of supply chain management and other lab information Systems integrated via APIs

  • Integration with PFMS enables transfer of benefits or social schemes directly to citizens’ bank accounts

  • The various automated outputs are generated which are used extensively for program reviews at all program level

  • Extensive reports and dashboards views based on latest data allow for tracking and assessment of response

  • Integrated with a cafeteria of Digital Adherence Technologies

  • Automated/manually initiated patient communication via SMS and phone/WhatsApp, from the mobile app

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