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From 99DOTS to Everwell Hub

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Connecting the dots… 99DOTS platform expands into the newly launched Everwell Hub!

99DOTS was our first innovation for empowering patients and supporting the ecosystem of healthcare providers working in TB - this is the heart of our work and where everything started. Around that heart, we’ve grown a body of work, integrating other digital adherence innovations, building out more extensive patient and healthcare supporter workflows, and developing modules for the entire digital cascade of care including diagnostics, financial transfers to patients, and real-time follow up.

The original open-source platform that supported 99DOTS has grown up, and grown into, the Everwell Hub. While the transition to a ‘hub’ from a single digital adherence technology has been happening over the past two years, we are officially launching the Everwell Hub on January 6th, 2020!

As part of that transition, we’re moving the platform from to and rebranding the 99DOTS Android app to the Everwell Hub app. The Hub is already deployed as Nikshay for the Government of India’s Central TB Division, with over 2 million patients supported annually and over 400,000 staff accessing the platform to deliver TB care.

Everyone who has been using either the website or Android app can continue exactly as they were before this transition, the only change is where you log in - as of January 6th 2020, your patient support journey starts at or through the Everwell Hub Android app. All logins and data associated with your account are maintained, and all workflows will remain in place as we transition the entry point to the platform. will remain active, but as a static page for resources and other information specific to 99DOTS. For those using the 99DOTS Android app, you do not need to install a new app - the name will change automatically.

As always, we want the best experience for all of our partners, and while the change in name is a part of a growing platform, it also represents our commitment to support a larger ecosystem of innovations (like Wisepill’s evriMED device and SureAdhere’s VOT system, just to name two) and build out a flexible platform to support more than the original version of 99DOTS envisioned. We want to keep all the great functionality and patient-centered approaches that helped scale 99DOTS, but continue to improve and enhance the Hub’s functionality to work around the world for our exceptional partners.

We want to thank everyone who has been part of this journey, and excited to continue fulfilling our mission to build the best technologies to support the fight against life-threatening diseases. 99DOTS is not going away; in fact, more patients are being supported around the world every day with exciting scale up opportunities through India’s IDAT work, TB REACH projects, and the upcoming ASCENT project. We look forward to helping transition everyone to the Hub, so please do reach out to the team at if you have any questions or issues during the transition.

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