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Enhancing Patient Care with Everwell Dispensation Management

A big part of recovering from any disease revolves around taking drugs correctly and on time. Healthcare workers and professionals not only want to check if their patients are taking their drugs but also need to have an idea of the drugs their patients are on and the quantity of each to forecast demand and stock up on certain drugs if necessary. Given the crucial role drugs play in the treatment of disease, any delay has a direct effect on patient care.  Thus, there is a need to automate as many of these processes as possible, which makes a ‘Drug Dispensation and Inventory Management System’ mandatory for all comprehensive case management systems.

Introducing the Everwell Dispensation Management

The Everwell Dispensation management system is a comprehensive system to manage patient prescriptions and refills as well as track drug stocks and inventory. The system is built on the following principles:

  • Availability: The system is available on multiple platforms to ensure maximum reach. These include web, android apps and tablets.

  • Accessibility: The system has different views/functionalities for various stakeholders making it useful for Healthcare workers, Pharmacists, and Inventory managers.

  • Configurability: The system provides the ability to create customized drug databases as well as the linkage with other related modules per programmatic needs.

Integrations for Enhanced Functionality

  • The Dispensation management system has all of its APIs exposed via a secure data gateway to enable the usage of the module with other systems and other features. 

  • The system is integrated with the Hub Health Companion for patients to view and print their prescriptions, return drugs and report Adverse events. 

Multifaceted Features 

The Dispensation module is a crucial component in our healthcare system, bolstering patient care by seamlessly integrating prescription and dispensation tracking. This multifaceted module not only promotes adherence but also ensures efficient drug management. This solution ties personal care with treatment adherence and anticipates refills or other drug-related activities, empowering healthcare providers to deliver a more holistic treatment support ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined Dispensations:  Easily add dispensed medications along with prescribed drugs, to simplify the medication management process.

  • Refill Reminders: Never miss a refill with automatic refill due date tracking for each dispensation, keeping patients on track with their treatments.

  • Task Management: Maintain a comprehensive task list highlighting patients in need of a drug refill, promoting timely interventions.

  • Effortless Printing: Generate dispensation records effortlessly for efficient record-keeping and patient history.

  • Quick Patient Lookup: Search and manage existing dispensations or add new ones by searching for patients, ensuring swift access to patient records.

  • Adherence Integration: Link dispensation records with manual adherence marking, allowing for precise tracking of patient doses.

  • Return Management: Easily process and document returned dispensations, noting the reasons behind each return.

Getting Started:

  • Customize the drug database to align with your specific needs

  • Configure the Dispensation module's availability based on patient stages and hierarchies

  • Enable or disable the "Return Dispensation" feature to suit your workflow

  • Opt for or opt out of linking Dispensation with Manual Adherence marking

  • Fine-tune the refill due task list logic to best fit your workflow

Customization Options:

  • Tailor the drug list for each dispensation to match your preferred database

  • Configure the "Return Dispensation" feature as per the use case

  • Choose to activate or deactivate the Dispensation-Adherence marking link

  • Adjust module availability according to patient stages and hierarchies

  • Personalize the refill due task list's presence and its data population logic to align with your organization's needs

Dispensation Management isn't just a tool; it's a solution for precision and efficiency in patient care. Customize it to your needs, and watch it revolutionize your healthcare workflow.

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