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Democratizing data in one of the largest public health systems

Have you ever been bombarded with countless analytical requests from your most engaged users as your digital system matures? These requests are often time-sensitive and computationally expensive to be carried out on local systems. And, as the bounds of human curiosity are unpredictable, traditional reporting systems often fail to keep up with the dynamic nature of these requests. By the time the dashboard is up and running, the requirement changes, or the request itself becomes obsolete.

Enter Ni-kshay Analytics, an open-source data exploration and visualization platform that enables self-serve analytics with a value proposition of accessibility, agility, and timeliness of information.

The platform is hosted in-house and offers access to datasets pertaining to 30 million patients, including various elements of the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP) like Diagnostics, Dispensation, Direct Benefit Transfers, and Preventive Therapy through a singular platform connected to an exhaustive data library.

With almost 1500 users now having access to the tool, the platform empowers users to visualize data, create storyboards, and share with others. Administrators can restrict the level of access to product features and datasets based on the role that is assigned to a user. Ni-kshay Single Sign On is integrated for ease of access and scaling up institutionalization.

While the features of the platform are enticing from the perspective of technologists, it’s important to acknowledge that there is a learning curve for end-users. The platform aims to make the experience user-friendly by gradually evangelizing the product and conditioning the overall ways of working to embrace efficient methods of socializing information. The focus is on ensuring the availability of open channels for support, training materials, and organizing hands-on workshops for the users as these are key to the adoption of the product at all levels.

Ni-kshay Analytics is a game-changer, offering a modern approach to data exploration and visualization that empowers users to perform self-serve analytics. With its accessibility, agility, and timeliness of information,such a product a must-have tool for any healthcare program looking to stay ahead of the curve in the digital era.

[Ni-kshay Analytics UI is built on top of the Apache Superset™ platform deployed on premise and powered by data pipelines running on Spark™ clusters]

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